Paul McCartney Has The Perfect Reply To Ryan Reynolds' Instagram Prank

On Tuesday (July 14), Ryan Reynolds, actor and Aviation Gin owner, uploaded a screenshot of a fake order confirmation from the Royal Collection Shop, Buckingham Palace's online store, after the Palace announced its own bottle gin

The lucky recipient is none other than The Beatles' Paul McCartney. Now before you go writing down both their “addresses” you'll want to take a better look.

In typical comedic fashion, Reynolds had some fun with the gag starting with the order number “2CH33KY” and then listing his own address as: "Ryan Reynolds, 1 Upmanship Much Dr, Notcoolington, WTF FML, United Kingdom.”

As for Sir Paul McCartney, his address is filled with nods to British pop culture including Sherlock, One Direction, and Downton Abbey: “Sir Paul McCartney, 221B Baker Street, Downton Abbey Rd, 1D4 LYF, United Kingdom.” Reynolds, of course, used the Royal Space Force as the shipping method… naturally.

Fans took to the Deadpool actor's comments section to applaud him for the gag but it did take some people a little longer to get the joke. “I don’t get it…” one fan wrote while another commented, “Anyone else thought it was real till you looked closer?”

McCartney wasted no time replying to Reynolds and on Wednesday (July 15) he got back at the actor and pre-ordered his $600 Flaming Pie Collector's Edition box set. 

Keeping his same humorous billing address, the musician changed up the actor's to read: “Ryan Reynolds 2 Can Play This Game Dr Deaderpool FP LP3 United Kingdom.” He also used the email address “” as well as his promotional phone number.

If you really want to grab McCartney's limited edition box set, it's available for pre-order on his site and is out July 31.

Photos: Getty Images; Instagram // Paul McCartney

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