7 Employers Who Are Staffing Up To Deal With Demand During The Pandemic

The job market took a massive hit in the spring as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted all kinds of businesses. Millions of people remain unemployed, but according to Fox 26, some companies are on hiring sprees, staffing up to meet growing demand for their products and services in a world changed by coronavirus worries and restrictions.

  1. Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees across the U.S. and Canada to sort, pack, and deliver items. Their sales have increased by 40% over this time last year.
  2. The Daikin manufacturing and distribution facility in Waller, TX is hiring hundreds of new employees to help keep up with higher-than-normal demand for air-conditioners.
  3. UPS is said to be hiring more than 100,000 people to get ready for holiday deliveries.
  4. Walmart's online business has also seen a huge surge, so the retailer is looking to fill 50,000 distribution and fulfillment jobs.
  5. Lowes is looking to hire 30,000 people.
  6. Home Depot is hiring 22,000 people.
  7. With many people still uneasy dining in, pizza delivery is booming. Domino's is planning to hire an additional 20,000 workers.