Spirit Halloween Viral Video Gets Comedian Hired To Make Official Sequel

Comedy song-and-dance man Nick Lutsko kicked off the spooky season late last month with his unofficial theme song for Spirit Halloween. The song (and its video) is super-catchy and talks up everything that's great about Spirit Halloween stores (scares grandmas, sells skeletons and ghouls, saving the economy). It also gets a little weird with a dream that the company asked him to do the song and offered him $1,000 for every 100 retweets. Then it gets weirder as he lists businesses that Jeff Bezos and Amazon have murdered, allowing Spirit to haunt their old buildings. People loved it and eventually Spirit reached out, telling Lutsko to check his Venmo.

According to the AV Club, Spirit also hired the comedian to make an officially-sanctioned sequel. He dropped the new video yesterday, in which he turns his house into a Spirit Halloween. It's equally funny and catchy. Check out both videos below, and retweet to help keep Lutsko's Spirit Halloween money rolling in.

Photo: Twitter/Nick Lutsko