The Full Backstory Of Gwen Stefani's Onstage Gender Reveal At Honda Center

Gwen Stefani, the pop star with deep roots in Anaheim, expressed her gratitude to the sold-out crowd at the Honda Center. Gwen was born and raised near the arena where "No Doubt" was founded. It was her 9th time performing at The Honda Center & she brought her family along with her parents and siblings singing along to her music. Stefani received a lot of love & a very warm welcome from her hometown crowd. The hometown show at the Honda Center also celebrated it's best 30th birthday party yet! But that's not all, keep reading...

There's "No Doubt" about it, a loyal fan who is also an Ellen K Morning Show listener, Vanessa Venegas of Norwalk, CA was sitting front row and center, got Gwen's attention in more ways than one, which led Gwen to do something she's never done before (and we're so excited to play a part in it!)

On Friday, September 1, 2023, the mommy-to-be, Vanessa Venegas of Norwalk, CA was driving to work and listening to the Ellen K Morning Show on KOST 103.5 FM. She heard Ellen K solicit callers to call in and win tickets to see Gwen Stefani at The Honda Center on 9/9/2023! Vanessa called, I (Producer Darlene) answered the phone and let Vanessa know we already collected a winner. She began to explain to me a crazy idea she had and wanted to know if there was any way we could help her reach a message to Gwen Stefani! I immediately asked her to hold and speak to Ellen K & Ryan Manno. Here's the call:

If you notice the comments on the post, so many people tagged Gwen Stefani on Instagram and shared the post. Less than 24-hours later, Ellen K did receive notice that Gwen had come across it, too but no promises were ever made. All because of one determined mommy, It was just the power of a very determined mom who was wishing to have Gwen reveal the gender of her new baby!

Besides Vanessa's dream coming to life, other fans dressed in various Stefani-inspired styles from her "Tragic Kingdom" rockabilly look to her cotton candy pink hair era from "Return of Saturn." While celebrating the venue's 30th anniversary, Gwen Stefani tied the record for the most performances on that stage, sharing the honor with Elton John and Marco Antonio Solís. She surprised the crowd with a nostalgic performance of a "Simple Kind of Life," "Don't Speak" and "Just a Girl." And then, this happened:

Tune in to the Ellen K Morning Show on Monday morning at 8:10am PT and listen to Ellen K speak to Vanessa Venegas and hear her reaction to all of it! Stream KOST 103.5 FM.

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