Things You Didn't Know About Marrying a British Royal

Royals have to get the Queen's permission to marry.

For hundreds of years a royal couldn’t marry a divorcee or even a catholic.  According to 2013’s Successions to the Crown Act, only the first six in line to the throne need the Queen's permission in order to marry.

Once married to a royal, you cannot be active in politics.

The Royal Family refrain from participating in most political events, like voting and running for any form of public office. By not voting and remaining somewhat politically neutral, this helps to keep up the appearance of the Royal Family's public role, which is based on being able to identify with and relate to all sections of society.

Once you have a royal title, you cannot be addressed by any other name.

When addressing royals, you must call them by their full title or simply by "Ma'am" or "Sir."  Sorry, no ‘Kate’ or ‘Elizabeth.’

The Queen sets the tone for every family event.

When the Queen stands, you stand. When the queen sits, you sit. When the Queen eats, you eat and when the Queen decides she is done with her dinner, then the meal is finished.

Royal rank is a way of life.

When making public appearances and during processionals (such as weddings, parades, etc.), the royal family must always be in royal ranking order. The same goes for the seating at a royal banquet. The ranking order is determined by whoever is next in line to the throne. Currently, the order leads with the current reigning monarch, Elizabeth II, who is followed by her husband Prince Philip, then Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and lastly Prince Harry.

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