How to Keep Your Home Cleaner

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Wouldn't it be marvelous if, once you cleaned your house, it would stay clean and you wouldn't have to do it again?  Ahhhh, a girl can dream.  Sadly, it doesn't work that way.  And even more sadly, in my house, it's NEVER clean.  I clean up and turn around and it's a mess again.  Ok, you may not have 17 month old twins, but I think you feel my pain.  BUT...there are some things that can help you keep you home cleaner in between doing your chores:

Dry Your Sink and Counters. You'll find yourself spending less time spraying and scrubbing.

Wipe Down Surfaces With Dryer Sheets. Turn used dryer  sheets into handy washcloths, repurposing this dust-repellent material  to wipe up dust and grime while preventing additional buildup. 

Lay Down Throw Rugs. Put out rugs (that you can toss in the washing machine) to collect excess dirt and grime, saving yourself from sweeping and mopping all the time.

Stay Organized With Boxes and Baskets. Place boxes and  baskets of different sizes in and around your house for storing  everything from toys to linens, allowing you to spend less time picking up after your family.  

Brush Your Pets Outside. Take the time to brush away your pet's loose fur every few days, thus keeping your dog or cat from shedding in your house and saving yourself from sweeping and vacuuming.

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