How to Tell Family & Friends You Don't Want To Join Their Zoom Call

I love a good Zoom call. I love being able to see my coworkers and my family & friends. But sometimes it can be too much. Like if you've done Zoom meetings all day, the last thing you want to do after work is be on another Zoom meeting with family.

It can be hard to tell your best friends and your loving family that you don't want to be in the Zoom call. But here are some ways to do so:

Experts say the best way to get out of a pre-planned call is to tell everyone that you have a time limit. For whatever reason, tell them you can only spend a certain amount of time on the call. Say you have dinner in the oven, or you have a social distancing yard party with your neighbors, or even that you have another Zoom call.

If you don't want to do a video call at all, be polite and say "No thanks." Let them know that you need a break from screen time and you will catch up with them later. Make the change positive and plan for a future time to chat.

I have a feeling your family will understand.

(SoundHealthAndLastingWealth) Photo: Getty/Alistair Berg

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