How To Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Quarantine-Friendly

Studies show that many more people are cooking and baking now that we're home a lot more. They've become more confident in the kitchen. They're enjoying cooking more. They're even learning new techniques. Sound like you? So how can you make your kitchen more "quarantine friendly?"

ShelfGenie, a company that specializes in custom pull-out shelving, suggests:

Clear the counters. Yes, even get the appliances you use every day (ie. coffee maker) outta there!

Get your spices in order. Designate a cabinet, drawer, or door add a storage solution. That way you can see it all at a glance and know what you might need more of next time you go shopping.

Prioritize your pantry. Some of my friends have reorganized theirs and I have been super jealous of the pictures they've posted! They're beautiful! Glide-out shelves and dividers of varying heights can maximize your storage and put everything in easy reach, reducing waste.

You don't need a complete kitchen make-over. You can retrofit over renovations.

Designate an area outside the kitchen to drop all the germy things you bring into the house. The garage, a mudroom, the porch. This keeps your kitchen free of contaminants that helps keep your cooking, prep, and serve stations clean and safe.

(Kens5) Photo: Getty/Goodboy Picture Company

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