What To Keep In Mind When Buying Your First Home

I can't believe how many people are buying and selling homes during the pandemic. I don't know. Maybe it's less than usual or maybe I don't pay much attention to real estate normally, but I don't think it's slowed down a bit. I have 4 sets of friends buy and/or sell homes this summer, plus 2 sets of friends buy their first home!

Whether it's your first home or your last, you know buying a house is stressful. Here are some tips for first time buyers, but I think we can all learn a little from them:

First, you’ll want to get your finances together before making the big purchase. Realtors say finding out which type of financing you want should be at the top of your list.

Never settle on a house. Don’t buy something you don’t love.

Think long term. Make sure it fits your lifestyle years down the line.

Figure out your “must haves." Bring a list of what you want, like a large kitchen, a two-car garage, a big yard, a home office, etc.

(KSAT) Photo: Getty/ozgurcankaya