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Pet-Friendly Houseplants For Greenery Without Worry

I've always had pets, and I've always had at least one at any time that liked to eat the plants in the house. As a kid I never thought much about it. As an adult I do.

Thankfully there are many plants you can bring into your home that won't hurt your furry babies.

African Violets

Air Plants

Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Plant

Christmas Cactus

Some varieties of Ferns like Boston and Maidenhair

Friendship plant

Some Herbs like basil, sage and thyme

Chocolate Soldier

Lipstick Plant

Parlor Palm

Moth Orchid

Polka Dot Begonia

Prayer Plant or Calathea

Spider Plant

Some Succulents like hens and chicks and echeverias

(BHG) Photo: Getty/RyanJLane

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