How To Support Someone Trying To Lose Weight

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We all know that losing weight is hard. And if you're trying to help support someone (a spouse, your best friend, a neighbor) who's losing weight, these are good things to know!

Support their decision. Saying things, like “you don’t need to lose weight,” are actually not helpful. Instead, remind them of how much they matter.

Get active together. You brunch together, why not go for a walk outside together?

Don’t rush them. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Ask what they need. Don’t just assume you know what they need.

Don’t be the food police. The only time it’s OK to do this is if your friend has told you they want “tough love.”

Motivate with rewards. Like a facial, shopping spree, tickets to a concert, or so on.


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