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Empty Nest Syndrome and How To Cope

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Empty nest syndrome is the sadness or emotional turmoil that parents grapple with in the wake of their children growing up and moving out of their family home. ‘Nest’ refers to the popular saying that children 'spread their wings’ when they grow up and move on. Symptoms include:


·Emotional distress

·A loss of purpose

·Fear of a lack of control

·Worry and anxiety


You could experience symptoms anywhere from 2 months to a year.

The stages of empty nest syndrome:

·Grief - you are likely to feel overcome by feelings of sadness and loss when your child leaves

·Relief – you may find yourself relishing your newfound freedom


Some parents are going to be more susceptible than others. Single parents. Stay-at-home parents. Parents whose self-identity is as a mom/dad. But you can do this:

1.Make social connections.

2.Set goals for the future.

3.Take up a new hobby or career.

4.Reconnect with your partner.

5.Practice self-care.

6.Focus on the positives.

7.Keep in touch with your children.

8.Seek professional help.

Just remember that this is a normal response, and you are definitely not alone.


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