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Moms, Here's How to Take Care of Yourself When It Just Gets Too Much

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The mental load is a heavy burden for any mom to carry alone. If she's not careful that burden can start affecting her health.  It's become the norm as mothers deal with the mental load, most often regarded as the behind-the-scenes work of household management that helps make the family click. What's worse: The overbearing mental load can lead to a variety of mental and physical health symptoms—and the connection is often missed. These are some of the ways it manifests itself:

·Anxiety and Depression

·Sleep Deprivation

·Memory Gaps


·Substance Abuse

Please don't let it get that bad. Please don't think that others are more important than you in getting help. YOU are important. So how do you ease that mental load?

·     Draw boundaries

·     Delegate

·     Make time for yourself

·     Get outside help when needed

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