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The Byers House from "Stranger Things" Is For Sale 

Will Byers' house from "Stranger Things" just went up for sale in Fayetteville, Georgia. It's going for $300,000 as-is because it's a fixer-upper.



It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and sits on over six acres. The realtor did warn there's an issue with fans trespassing to take photos, so now there's a driveway barricade and private property signs.



It's unclear whether the inside was used for filming or the outside. But in one of the listing photos, there's the hand painted alphabet with Christmas lights from season 1. And the realtor also listed the episodes the house is seen in.



Oh, and there's one more important note for those interested: Don't feed the Demogorgon.



(See photos here on the Zillow listing.)



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If you could somehow unblur this photo, you would know everything that will happen in Season 5 of "Stranger Things." 

Except whatever's hidden by that black square on the bottom right.

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