Your Family’s Internet Safety

Remember when you could just keep the computer in the family room?

Now that phones and tablets are EVERYWHERE, kids have access to the internet at all times.  So it’s a parent’s priority to keep their children safe from internet dangers.

Screen Time – It’s important to come to an understanding of how much screen time is acceptable, as well as what times of day those times should be. You might start with a time limit, but then agree that the amount is not so much the focus as the “when.”

You might also work with your kids to set up limits on how many screens are going at once.

Know Who Your Friends Are – It’s absolutely crucial that your kids understand the dangers of friending people online, connecting with strangers through messaging apps, and discerning who the real friends are in a sea of imposters.

Reporting without Fear – There’s another rule that families need to incorporate into their safe use plan, and that’s the ability to come to the parents with a problem without fear of reprisal.

Take a look at other things you can do to protect your family ***CLICK HERE!***


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