Secrets of Super-Productive Moms

I’m not a super-productive mom.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m even a sort-of-productive mom. So, what can we do to fix that?

Don't let small tasks pile up

If something takes just a minute.  Don’t put it off.  Those small one-minute tasks can quickly accumulate into an hour of work

Remove "multi-tasking" from your vocabulary

Many studies show that multi-tasking actually decreases your productivity.  So focus on one task at a time. 

(This seems way easier said than done)

Know when to say "no" and when to ask for help

If someone asks something of you, think if you can make a significant contribution if you accept.  Can you fit it into your schedule?  If not, then don't feel bad politely turning down the request. On the flip side, don't feel guilty about asking for help. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives.

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