Simple Ways to Prevent Coffee From Staining Your Teeth

It’s not just coffee either.  Wine stains your teeth, as does tea, dark colored sodas, and fruit juices!

There are ways to help prevent staining.  A lot of those ways are even free!

Drink through a straw.  It helps prevent direct contact with your teeth.

Brush your teeth.  It gets the stains off before they set.

Rinse your mouth out after your cuppa.  Grab some water and swish.

Floss.  It gets rid of stains between teeth.

Adding cream doesn’t help. The more cream and sugar you add to your coffee, the more plaque that will end up on your teeth, worsening your enamel and allowing for more stains. (UG!)

Take a look at other things you can do to help protect your teeth ***CLICK HERE!***


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