Flower Meanings for Valentine’s Day

Roses mean love and desire and, yes, they’re a traditional Valentine’s gift.  But there are so many other beautiful (and less expensive) flowers out there that mean just as much, if not more!

Camellia – “My destiny is in your hands”

Carnations – the two-toned ones mean “I cannot be without you”

Goldenrod – “Encouragement”

Chrysanthemums – “Honesty”

Daffodils – “New Beginnings”

Daisies – “Innocence”

Forget-Me-Nots – I think the name says it all

Heliotropes – “Eternal Love”

Honeysuckles – “Devoted”

Irises – “Wisdom & Respect”

Lavender – “Devotion”

Lilacs – “New Love”

Morning Glories – “Affection”

Pansies – “Thoughtfulness & Remembrance”

Purple Crocus – “Youthful Happiness”

Red Tulips – “Love”

Sweetpea – “Pleasure”

Valerian – “Readiness”

Violets – “Loyalty, Devotion, Faithfulness”

White Clover – “Never Forget”

White Jasmine – “Sweet Love”

Yarrow – “Love”

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