How To Respond When A Co-Worker Throws You Under The Bus

Take A Quick Walk and Clear Your Thoughts. Don’t run to the first person you see to vent.  Make sure it’s someone you trust and probably not a co-worker. 

Schedule One-On-One Time With Him/Her.  This is the hardest thing to do in my opinion.  I hate conflict!  And going in you know that it’s going to be a tough conversation.  And, no matter how nice of a person you are (and I think you are), this co-worker is going to feel attacked and could fight back.  Who knows, though?  They may already feel guilty and this could push them to apologize.

Avoid Assuming The Worst. There’s no guarantee that it’s true, but it will at least put you in a better frame of mind when dealing with your co-worker. And talk to them using your point of view. For most people, hearing how their actions affected you is much more powerful than being reprimanded.

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