How To Know You’re Doing Great At Work

Ok, yes, work would be so much better if you were praised for the good job you're doing, but that doesn't always happen.  So here are some ways to let you know that you ARE doing a great job and people are noticing even if they don't say so out loud.

  • People always come to you with questions because they know you’ll have the answer, or can get it.
  • You get asked for your opinions on projects, new hires, etc.
  • You’re the one the boss depends on, and you’re the one listed as her alternate contact when she’s out of the office.
  • You’re in charge of your own work.  Nobody is looking over your shoulder so you must be extremely trust-worthy.
  • You’ve been asked to represent the company.  Talk about a BIG compliment.  You embody what the company stands for and every boss likes that.

Now get out there and get stuff done! 

(The Muse)


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