Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can Tackle In Under An Hour

I don’t like to clean, let alone take a whole weekend to do it.  So I’m happy with a list of little things I can get to when I have time (but don’t want to devote that much time to).

Clean Out a Drawer

Start small and pick your messiest kitchen, bedroom or desk drawer.  It’s been bugging you, hasn’t it?  You can’t find what you want and have started to just avoid the drawer completely.  Time to clean it out!

Vacuum Furniture

Did you know you can use the upholstery tool on your vacuum to clean your chairs and sofa?  And once you do, it’ll look like you got all new furniture!

Whiten Dingy Tile Grout

A 15 minute task will totally redo your whole bathroom!

Nab Hidden Dirt and Dust

Spring cleaning season is all about focusing on the spots you forget about the rest of the year so spend 30 minutes with an extendable duster and attack ceiling nooks, bookcases, hanging and recessed lights, moldings and more.

Clean Range Hood

Your hood deals with a lot of wear and tear as you cook during the year. So pop out the mesh filter, swish it in hot sudsy water, rinse and dry. Then clean the hood with a grease-cutting kitchen cleanser.

These are just some of the super easy things you can get done quickly!  But there are MORE! ***CLICK HERE!***


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