Things Costco Employees Want You To Know

They're not checking receipts just to annoy you.  A lot of the employees who work the door are confirming that the number of items on your receipt is the same number in your cart. They also check expensive items, which can benefit you just as much as Costco

If you sweet talk the sample employees, they'll give you more food.

No, they don't think their clothes are trendy, either.  But they do stand by their quality.

You can return literally anything. The return policy is hyper-lenient, so Costco employees have been trained to take back even the craziest items, like a half-empty bottle of wine or birthday cake with a few bites missing.

The best time to score free samples is Sunday morning. Costco opens at 10 a.m., and an hour or so later is the best time to go for free food.

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