Parents Will Get Refunds For Amazon Purchases Their Kids Made

According to the FTC: "Amazon’s setup allowed children playing these kids’ games to spend unlimited amounts of money to pay for virtual items within the apps such as 'coins,' 'stars,' and 'acorns' without parental involvement."  So Amazon has agreed to refund as much as $70 million to users whose children made unauthorized in-app game purchases between November 2011 and May 2016.

Parents who realized their kids had accrued a hefty Amazon bill faced an uphill battle to get a refund. Amazon's in-app charges are final and non-refundable.  Did your child just hit random buttons and get billed?  It’s happened.  A lot!

Currently, any in-app purchase over $20 requires a parental control password or PIN.

The FTC’s action again Amazon follows two similar ones against Apple and Google.

Amazon will be leading the refund operations, and details on the program will be announced shortly, the FTC said.

(BuzzFeed News)


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