35 Closed This Weekend

From Megan Bishop in the News Radio 1200 WOAI Traffic Center...

'As of 9pm tonight (Friday) through 5am Monday, TxDot is completely shutting down northbound and southbound Interstate 35. Northbound traffic will be exited at George Beach a nd Southbound will be forced off at Rittiman.

Crews need to demolished the old bridge and don't want falling concrete to potenitally injure motorists. The new bridge will be operational as of 5am, April 10th.

According to Josh Donat with TxDot, being "puro San Antonio", crews WILL be re-opening the roadway on 35 between 6am and 11pm, for Spurs fans to be able to get to the A.T.& T. Center for the Spurs/Clippers game Saturday evening.'

Josh also acknowledges: “It’ll be tough.  It will not be fun.”


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