Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime

Ice Cream.  It’s filled with fat and sugar. You actually want to avoid it before bed because the sugar will get your body going with energy and you won’t be able to burn off any of the calories, so it will all just be stored as fat.

Celery. Celery is a natural diuretic, meaning it will cause you going back and forth from the bedroom to your bathroom all night long, resulting in disruptive sleep.

Hamburgers.  Greasy, high-protein, high-fat foods are hard to digest, making your stomach work hard when it should be resting, resulting in indigestion and heartburn.

Pretzels.  They’re made with flour which results in a blood sugar spike disrupting sleep, but the salt can also leave you feeling bloated.

Spicy foods. Since spicy foods are so hard to digest, they cause you to wake up a lot during the night. This disruption in your sleep results in remembering more of your dreams, and you’ll probably recall nightmares more vividly.

There are more foods to avoid.  ***CLICK HERE!***


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