Money-Saving Freezer Hacks

Photo: Getty/Creativ Studio Heinemann

Photo: Getty/Creativ Studio Heinemann

Having to throw away food just bothers me.  I feel it's a waste of money, and definitely a waste of food! But there are a lot of foods you can freeze!  These unlikely foods can live for months in the freezer.


Crack them into an ice tray and freeze them. Once they’re solid, dump the egg cubes into a freezer bag. Defrost them as needed and use them as you normally would.


Never let mold build colonies on your cheese again. Block cheese can be shredded and saved in bags for months.


Make a bunch ahead of time and portion it into freezer bags. To defrost, simply run hot water over the bag until the contents are warm. This can cut the time for meal prep in half.


Frozen chips actually have more crunch and flavor than regular chips. Freezing these crunchy snacks keeps them from getting soft and stale.

Pretty cool, huh?  There's more food you can freeze so Click Here!

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