Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles

Photo: Getty/RomanBabakin

Of course you know you can put flowers in them for a quick vase.  You can even cut them in half and make clever glasses.  But what else can we do?

Serve with Your Salad

A wine bottle also makes a great storage container for dressing. Any basic vinaigrette will keep for weeks in the fridge.

Store Your Dishwashing Liquid

Instead of storing it under the sink, display your dishwashing liquid as part of the kitchen decor. Top if off with a pour spout, which are available at houseware stores.

Make Your Own Candles

Here is a lovely alternative to plug-in lighting: Gather some clear bottles and fill them with lamp oil and wicks. Arrange these bottles inside a large hurricane for protection against the wind.

Keep Olive Oil Fresh

Sunlight and olive oil don't mix. In fact, exposure to sunlight will turn the oil rancid over time. So here's a Good Thing: Decant the oil into a dark-tinted bottle.

There are other things you can do with those empties.  Click HERE! 


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