Hacks Using Ziploc Bags That'll Actually Make Cooking Easier

Photo: Getty/© Santiago Urquijo

Cook an omelette in a plastic bag for the perfect make-ahead breakfast.  Fill a Ziploc bag with eggs and your favorite toppings, then place it directly in simmering water for an effortless omelette you can prep ahead of time.

Make delicious ice cream without an ice cream maker.  Fair warning, it will take a lot of shaking to make ice cream in a sandwich bag, but it's totally doable (and delicious).

Keep salad greens fresh by storing them in a Ziploc bag with a paper towel.  The paper towel will absorb any excess moisture while the baggie keeps them completely air tight.

Use them to meal prep chicken.  Do you already portion out your chicken and freeze it?  Why not freeze it in the marinade?  While it thaws, the marinade really infuses the chicken for a flavorful dinner.

Steam vegetables in them for a healthy meal with virtually no clean up.  Simply place your prepped veggies in a Ziploc bag and microwave them for three minutes, no need to add water (although you can add spices and butter for extra flavor).

Fill them with smoothie prep and store in the freezer for a healthy breakfast in no time.  Make breakfast less of a chore by prepping a week's worth of smoothies and storing them in plastic bags in the freezer. When you're ready to eat, simply throw them in a blender for an instant (and healthy) breakfast.

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