10 Ways to Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes

Make sure room temperature is adequate.

Dark, cool, and quiet is ideal, and ideal room temperature is between 70-71 degrees.

Keep your sleeping quarters mess-free. 

If you’re stressed about sleep or anything else before you go to bed, walking into a cluttered room is not going to help. You want your bedroom to be a tranquil place for you to relax.

Block out external noise.

Incorporate a fan to circulate air and block out environmental noises. If you have a noisy bed partner, consider going to  bed shortly before they do to let you fall asleep before their  snoring interferes with your sleep.  Introducing a white noise machine or sound spa to your bedroom can be relaxing and also help drown out any external sounds like a busy street, loud birds, or noisy neighbors and they aren't expensive.

Maintain a consistent bedtime. 

A consistent bedtime -- as well as your morning  wakeup time -- will help to regulate your body’s rhythm. “If your bedtime varies considerably from one day to the next, it makes it  more difficult to settle.”

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