Don't Throw Away Your Solar Eclipse Glasses!

I borrowed mine.  But if I'd gotten some I'd keep them for the next eclipse in 2024 when we're supposed to have 100% totality in Texas and my kids will be old enough to enjoy and understand it.

If you don't like to keep everything (I'm NOT a hoarder!), you can donate your glasses!  The charity Astronomers Without Borders is collecting used solar eclipse glasses to give to kids who can use them for eclipses that are coming up around the world.  "This is an opportunity for schools to have a first-hand science experience that they might not otherwise have."

For now, Astronomers Without Borders is working on a way to collect the glasses, and will be announcing the program soon. So hold on to your glasses, and ask the company or organization you got them from if they'll be taking part in the donation program.  If you want to send them right away, you can mail them to Explore Scientific, 1010 S. 48th Street, Springdale, Arkansas, 72762.

(Good Housekeeping)


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