Expert Secrets for Finding Thrift Store Gems

I love going to the thrift stores here in town.  I've found some incredible things like a Disney princess electric piano (that works) that plays Disney songs, too, for SEVEN DOLLARS at Goodwill.

So here's what you need to know to be a Thrift Store Superstar!

Go Often.  That’s because most stores have a high turnover.  You may strike out one week and then hit the mother lode the next!

Get to Know The Managers.  They may let you know when a new shipment is coming in, when a flash sale might occur, or if a certain item you’ve been looking for was just put out.

Join The Club.  Some stores have a frequent buyer’s club that could save you money.

Dig Deep.  Sometimes the messiest, most crowded stores yield the best finds so always search.  Also circle back but go down aisles in the opposite direction to spot things you may not have seen the first time through.

Learn more secrets here.


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