Ways To Make Your Clothes Last So Much Longer

Photo: Getty/Dougal Waters

Live and die by the care instructions on your garments and be wary of throwing your cheaper pieces into the dryer bc shrinkage is a terrible thing.

Line dry items as needed and hang up and air out relatively clean garments you've worn *once* to wear again without washing.

Spritz some Scotchgard on prized possessions made of suede or fabric to protect them from the elements.

Organize tights in sandwich bags to avoid in-drawer snares (and shorten your morning routine).

Reinforce any loose buttons on outerwear now to avoid having the middle button on your best coat going MIA in the middle of the day.

Teach yourself how to make basic alterations with a beginner’s sewing guide and simple sewing kit so that pile of clothes in your laundry room you need to take to the tailor disappears.

Toss your delicates (think lingerie, activewear, baby clothes, etc.) in a mesh laundry bag for a gentler wash cycle.

Swap out your typical fabric softener for wool balls to prevent buildup on your clothing and washing machine. Plus, they speed up drying time!

Cover up knicks, bleach stains, and other light spots on black items with a black Sharpie because times are tough, but your clothes don't have to look it.

Turn your jeans inside out before washing them to help prevent fading from water and detergent.



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