Christmas Morning Hacks for a Great Celebration

Photo: Getty

1. Jammies.  Remember there will be a lot of pictures in the mornings so make sure your kids (and you) wear good pajamas to bed.

2.. Depending on your traditions, you may want to pre-make or pre-assemble breakfast in order to spend more time with the family.

3. If your kids are still in diapers, make a mini-changing station near the tree so no one has to leave.

4. Keep scissors nearby (but out of reach of little hands) in order to cut through all that plastic packaging.

5. Keep drinks in sippy and straw cups to avoid any spills around the new presents. Use a lidded travel mug for your coffee.

6. Think easy thank-you notes: Take a smiling pic of the kid with the card and the gift so you can remember who gave him what and send a great thank you all in one move.

And there are SO many other hacks to help.  CLICK HERE for more!


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