What Olympic Athletes Get Paid

The USOC has a little something called "Operation Gold," which has been in effect since the 1994 Olympics.  Basically, each time an athlete medals, they get extra cash.  

Bronze - $15,000

Silver - $22,500

Gold - $37,000

In team sports, the members split the winnings evenly.  Individual competitors get the whole thing.

And how nice is this?  The government doesn't take taxes anymore!  It used to be called a "Victory Tax" but a new law stopped the practice after the Rio games.  This is a nice deal for most athletes that have part- or even full-time jobs to support their athletic dreams.

The legislation makes an exception for high-profile athletes, however. Earning more than $1 million per year causes the taxation to kick back in.  And some do with endorsement deals...like Lindsey Vonn, who you've been seeing all over the place lately.  

(Good Housekeeping)


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