Selena Gomez Used To Think Barney The Dinosaur Was, Erm, Hot

Selena Gomez spilled a bit on her good ol' days filming Barney & Friends during a recently-uploaded segment for BB1 Radio 1, admitting that she and Demi Lovato thought the actor behind the purple dinosaur suit was quite attractive. 

"It was wild. I feel like it was such a part of my life. I did try a few years ago to have a reunion, but they said that I couldn't be on the show. I'm not in the right union, so apparently that didn't work out," the 25-year-old joked with Nick Grimshaw, before dropping the bombshell. "He was [hot]. Very much so. . . .You have to be very fit to do that because it's 50 pounds of costumes. So he'd take it off and he'd have his muscles and he's sweating and we're like, 'Okay, we are children,' but it was great."

Interestingly enough, Gomez's segment revolved around remembering the lyrics to some of her older work. While she wasn't able to recall the words to "I Want You To Know," her 2015 collaboration with Zedd, nor "One And The Same," her 2009 collaboration with Lovato, she remembered her duet with Barney called "Barney The Dinosaur."  Scroll on below to see the segment in full!


Photo: Getty Images


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