The New App That EVERYONE Is Using Right Now

All of a sudden all my (cool, hip) friends are talking about and posting about Vero.  "Join me" they say.  Apparently teens everywhere are already using it.  That's why I decided to do a little research so you could know what it is, too.  

Vero was started in 2015 as a place to look at and learn about stuff.  Shop for cool clothes and watch fashion shows.  Recommend your favorite book or new music.  Things like that.  But, all of a sudden and out of the blue, it blew up this week!

You can share pictures, text, videos, and pretty much any other content your heart desires. Vero touts itself as an “authentic” social-media platform. The name, Vero, means truth in Esperanto.   There aren't any ads like on Facebook and no algorithms like on Instagram. (

Right now the first million subscribers get their accounts for free. After that, there will allegedly be a small, undisclosed subscription fee for everyone else. If you want in, hurry up because they'll probably reach that ceiling soon due to this recent influx of interest. (Thrillist)

But as you can expect there's already a campaign out there to #DeleteVero.  It recently surfaced with users questioning co-founder's Ayman Hariri's previous experience as CEO of a Saudi construction company.  Backlash against Vero is connected to Hariri's time as an executive of defunct construction company Saudi Oger. The company shut down due to mismanagement, with at least $3.5 billion in debt and thousands of unpaid workers.  (USAToday)

This isn't a recommendation to download it (totally up to you).  But considering it's new and your kids are always looking for the next 'thing,' I figured you should know about it.



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