Get Ready For Daylight Saving Time to Begin

-Germany is the first recorded country to have taken up the practice starting in May 1916, as an effort to try and save fuel during World War I. 

-Arizona and Hawaii don't practice DST.  Internationally, 70 nations practice Daylight Saving Time. But that’s fewer than 40% of all the countries in the world.

-Daylight Saving Time can REALLY affect your health.  You're only losing one hour but it can jolt the body’s internal body clock, causing a higher risk of sleep disorders, heart attacks, strokes, and miscarriages.

-Strangely enough, you're less likely to get robbed during DST.  Researchers discovered that during the fall DST, robbery fell 7%, while during the spring one, robbery fell a full 27%, as the extra hour of daylight in the evening kept would-be robbers away.

Learn more about Daylight Saving Time (and yes, it is Saving without the S) at BIGTHINK.COM.


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