Is It The Beginning of the End For Peanut Allergies?

I don't have any crazy allergies.  Just the regular San Antonio gunk most of us have.  But I do have friends, and the kids of friends, who have horrible allergic reactions to every day stuff we take for granted.  Like chicken and beef, strawberries and melon, and, of course, peanuts.

Millions of children have peanut allergies, and some may have life-threatening reactions if accidentally exposed to them. Doctors have been testing daily doses of peanut flour, contained in a capsule and sprinkled over food, as a way to prevent that.

California-based Aimmune Therapeutics said 67 percent of kids who had its treatment were able to tolerate the equivalent of roughly two peanuts at the end of the study, compared to only 4 percent of others given a dummy powder.

The company plans to file for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for the treatment by the end of this year, and for approval in Europe early next year.



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