9th Annual Paella Challenge set for Sunday


Chef Johnny Hernandez's 9th Annual Paella Challenge will take place at Mission County Park, starting at noon.  This year's event will cost you $75 to attend and gets you all the paella you can eat, plus drinks.

So many well-known local chefs are competing, like Jason Dady, Jose Sanchez, and Jeff Balfour.  You can get that list HERE!

But it's not just chefs.  High school cooking teams are competing as well.  Each school is given an invaluable opportunity to put their culinary skills to the test, not only competing against each other but cooking alongside award-winning chefs.  Only one school can come out on top and that team will win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Culinary Institute of America campus in Hyde Park, New York!

For more information CLICK HERE!


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