The Big Give SA is Underway!

Since 2014 150,000 donors have given $15M in donations to non-profit organizations in South Central Texas.  That is a lot of money that helps those organizations carry on their purpose.  And it's because of YOU that they get to do it.  

Today is their big push.  And you're going to find thousands of non-profits on the list: Large ones, small ones, established ones, start ups, ones you've heard of, many you haven't.  It's up to you how you want to donate: to one or many, a one-time donation or a recurring one.  No matter what you decide, know that decision WILL make a difference.  And how easy, right?  You don't have to go anywhere.  Just sit at your computer and give! 

Click here -> THE BIG GIVE SA <- Click here

I decided to showcase an organization I hadn't heard of before.  Of course I'm a pet lover, so I looked on the list according to 'cause' and found PAWS For Service.  These teams (consisting of a dog and its human) are therapy dog teams.  They support:   

  • Hospitals   
  • Nursing homes    
  • Assisted living facilities   
  • Rehabilitation sites   
  • Veteran services   
  • Schools   
  • Memory care centers

The dogs are wonderful and their humans aren't too bad, either.  Not only do they do regular assignments, but they also go to special events (for example, they'll go to scout meetings to teach scouts about proper handling and care of animals) and help out in special situations (they've worked with victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting).  

You can also volunteer!  If you and your dog would like to become a therapy dog team, PAWS For Service will be accepting applications for their fall class starting May 1.  



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