There Is A TARDIS Fiesta Medal!

posted by Jennie James - 

You know I'm a HUGE geek, and Doctor Who is one of my favorites!  I had no idea there would be a Fiesta Medal with a TARDIS on it.  Now I need this!

On my list of MUST HAVE MEDALS this year:  Gallifreyan Expatriates, and George Strait Loteria!  (PS, this list gets longer every time I check out the Fiesta Medal Maniacs Facebook page.  Check it out for yourself!

I will take any medals, though.  Fiesta medals make me happy!

Fiesta medal details: $10 donation We can usually Meetup with you somehow to get the medal to you If you would like the...

Posted by Gallifreyan Expatriates on Wednesday, March 28, 2018


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