Stripes to Sell Selena Cups Starting April 7th

Stripes convenience stores have announced that they are releasing two new limited edition and limited release Selena commemorative collectible cups that will be sold in Stripes stores in both Texas and Louisiana on Saturday, April 7.

The press release said that customers and Selena fans may line up at Stripes stores for their chance to purchase a cup at 8 a.m. on Saturday, prior to the 9 a.m. release time.  So no camping out overnight.

Stripes worked with Selena's sister Suzette to create the cups. “I am excited to work with Stripes again on these beautiful commemorative cups of my sister featuring Selena’s image. One of the designs this year is a watercolor painting created by New York artist Santi Siguenza, and it’s also our official logo for the 2018 Fiesta de La Flor event,” Suzette Quintanilla, CEO of Q-Productions said.

The cups will be priced at $2.99 and will be available while supplies last. Portions of the cup sales will benefit the Selena Foundation.

These are limited-edition, limited QUANTITY cups.  Predictions show them selling out quickly.  You probably don't want to wait to get yours.

There are 5 Stripes locations in San Antonio:

  1. Stripes Store #2494 - 25284 IH-10 West, 78257
  2. Stripes Store #5200 and LTC Restaurant - 7251 Eckhert Rd, 78238
  3. Stripes Store #5214 and LTC Restaurant - 4038 E. Houston, 78220
  4. Stripes Store #2508 and LTC Restaurant - 2215 SE Military Dr., 78223
  5. Stripes Store #5201 and LTC Restaurant - 919 Fredericksburg Rd., 78201



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