Nacho Aguirre from #SpringBakingChampionship Stopped By

San Antonio's Nacho Aguirre is one of three FINALISTS of the Spring Baking Championship on Food Network.  It's happening Monday night at 8pmCST.  You need to watch and root him on!  #TeamNacho

Play the video to hear our interview and see loads of pictures from the studio, Delice Chocolatier & Patisserie, and Spring Baking Championship.  


Nacho and his wife, Susana, brought treats!  Check out these gorgeous macarons Nacho made.  They hit you in the taste buds with their flavor! 

And Susana put together a couple of truffles.  I tried the chocolate and chipotle one.  I've never had that food pairing before but was pleasantly surprised.  Tasted like chocolate, but with a little heat at the very end.  I see now why people like it.

Don't forget: Monday night, 8pm, Food Network.  The winner gets $50,000!  We've got to root Nacho on! 

And thanks to Carly Clegg for helping me put this thing together!


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