Papa Johns Wants to Sell...WHAT?!

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Garlic is my addiction 😂 love papas special garlic sauce. I smell people cooking garlic bread on the way home and have to get some to cook or make myself #garlic #garlicbread #papajohns #papajohnspizza #papajohnsgarlicsauce #papajohnsspecialgarlicsauce #nom #food #garlicaddict

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I love the garlic sauce that comes with Papa John's pizza more than I love pizza!  And now...for a limited time...Papa John's really is making gallon jugs of their garlic sauce!  They're available at select stores and online (again, limited time) for $20.  

And why does it taste so good?  Because it's fattening, that's why!  The one-ounce cups of garlic sauce have about 150 calories and 17 grams of fat.  So a gallon of the stuff will set you back more than 19,000 calories and 2,100 grams of fat.  It's kind of worth it though.  




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