Now You Can PROVE You're A Good Driver!

Get something to brag about with San Antonio's Safest Driver contest!  Not only can you prove what a great driver you are but you could also win CASH!!!  The contest is running now through September 3rd.

Download the app.  It's free and you could win money for just downloading it!  There are randomly drawn $150 prizes every two weeks and a grand prize of $2,000.

Then drive.  Follow the rules of the road.  Drive safely.  You don't need to interact with the app while you drive.  The app works in the background on your device while you drive.  The safer you are during your drive, the higher your score, and the better your chances of winning the cash prizes.

WIN!  Based on your performance, you'll get kudos.  There will be three Grand Prize winners: Overall Safest Driver, Least Distracted Driver, and Safest Military Driver.




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