How To Know If You're About To Get Hacked

Photo: Getty/seksan Mongkhonkhamsao

It's almost impossible to avoid being hacked if someone really wants to do it but the idea is to make it hard enough that they'll skip over you, and go for some other schmuck who's easier to hack. 

What to look out for:

1. Receiving contesting information that you didn't sign up for.   NEVER send any personal information to platforms that you didn't sign up for.  Don't click on links in emails or texts either.

2. You have the same password for everything.  If a hacker figures out that one password, he could get into EVERYTHING: your bank accounts, your email accounts, your phone, etc!

3. You don't think it could happen to you.  “Assume you will be hacked, because one day you will. You can’t assume that because you live a quiet, low-profile life that you will not be a target.”

4. You never updates apps or your operating systems.  By neglecting updates and running older versions of software, you could be operating programs with known vulnerabilities.

5. Not checking out the background of photos before you post them. Like taking a selfie at your desk, and not realizing your passwords are taped up behind you.  And also be careful about things like paychecks, and what's on your computer screen. 

6. Your teenager posting a photo of their new driver's license.  As dumb as it sounds, it happens ALL the time.  They're proud and want to show off their accomplishment but hackers can use the info on the license to steal their identity, or go after YOU since you're the one with the money.

7. Posting a photo of your house key.  Some people do it to celebrate after they get a new place.  But hackers can use that photo to make a copy of your key and break in.  And if the photo is geo-tagged, they can find out exactly where you live.

(Reader's Digest) Photo: Getty/seksan Mongkhonkhamsao


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