Podcast: The Professionals' Unprofessional Guide To Parenting

This is a pic of when I was little (I'm on the right) with my best friend Jenny.  Yup, Jennie and Jenny.  Not too terribly surprising since "Jennifer" was the most common girl name for like 3 decades!  

I actually don't remember this event.  What I do remember is looking up the fireplace with her to see if Santa was coming...which would've been when we were even younger than in this photo.  But I was always in the pool as a kid (I learned to swim before I could walk) so pictures like this are pretty common in the family photo albums.

But that's why Mike and I started talking about making memories and how Mike isn't sure if his daughter will remember the fun things they did when she gets older.  My suggestion: keep showing her the pictures of what you did to reinforce the memory.  

We also covered a lot of other subjects...my parenting philosophy of "whatever," biting, giving things to Goodwill, and how our kids are copying us in the most unexpected ways.



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