Hiking Safety For Texas' Summer Heat

I have to say a LOT of my friends like to go hiking.  Some do it regularly.  Some do it occasionally.  Some do it with friends and family while others go solo or take their dog.  get to see great pictures from them in my social feeds. 

But our heat is bad.  And you know how quickly you can go from fine to REALLY NOT GOOD AT ALL in this heat.  So take some precautions when you go hiking this weekend.

--Every person in your group needs to drink 16 ounces of water every hour while on the trail.

--Be sure to wear loose-fitting, light-colored hiking clothes. 

--Keep a cool head with a hat and wet towel.

--Pack some salty snacks to keep your energy up and your body chemistry correct.

--Use the buddy system.

--For added security, have your cell phone fully charged or bring a GPS locator, so that people can find you if needed.

--Lastly, do not forget to bring sunblock.

(DFWCBS) Photo: Getty/Photo Researchers


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