Why You Should Dry Your Laundry On A Clothesline

Did your mom hang out wet clothes on the clothesline?  Mine did.  Actually, the clothesline started out as a way to attach the dog's leash so she could run around in the backyard since we didn't have a fence.  Then my mom just started using it as a clothesline and kept using it as a clothesline after we got that fence.

Maybe it's time to bring that back.

Photo: Getty/Rolf Bruderer

You may want to think about ditching the dryer yourself.  Consumer Reports is actually all for it.  Why?

  • The clothes dryer is one of the top 7 energy users in your home.  Think of the money you can save on your electric bill.
  • Dryers break down the fibers in your clothes over time.
  • You get that fresh, outdoor scent in clothes hung on the line.
  • The sun fights stains and can even bleach your whites and make them whiter.

If you do plan to hang out your clothes:

  • Shake out your clothes to reduce wrinkles
  • Hang shirts from the bottom and pants & skirts from the waistband to make the clothespin marks less noticeable.
  • Dark clothing should be hung inside out to prevent fading.

(NBCDFW) Photo: Getty/Rolf Bruderer


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