How To Make The Yummiest Pies

Making a pie from scratch may seem intimidating.  Don't let it be.  Make this year's holiday pies for your family and friends with some tips from Buzzfeed.  They have a division called Tasty...maybe you've heard of it...that's ALL about food and recipes and tips about making food.

For example, opt for butter instead of shortening, or at least a combo of the two.

For added richness in the dough use egg yolk.

Use freezing cold water in your dough to make sure the fats stay cold.

Use an egg wash to moisture-proof your pie crust.

If you're using apple slices, put them in a lemon-water bath to prevent them from browning.

Sprinkle the top of your pie with sanding sugar for added texture.

These are just SOME of the tips.  For the rest, make sure you CLICK HERE!!!

(Buzzfeed) Photo: Getty/John Block


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